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Helping your child achieve school readiness

Our Kindergarten program at Ellwood Daycare and Out of School Care has small class sizes and curriculums for children 5-6 years old that mix learning and fun. We provide more opportunities for children to engage with nature and develop the necessary skills in early writing, reading, math, science, art, music, and more.

The teachers will focus on establishing a School-Readiness Program, which consists of age-appropriate group activities so children can learn by doing, experiencing, observing, questioning, imitating, examining, and exploring.

Here are some of the goals of this program:

  • Stimulate learning
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Promote independent thinking and problem solving
  • Encourage physical and musical expression
  • Provide an experience of responsibility
  • Demonstrate respect for fellow students
  • Foster sharing and cooperation

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