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Providing fun and intentional learning environment

We provide preschool education and care for children ages 3-5 years old and help them develop a range of skills needed for their big next step: kindergarten!

We implement “LEARNING THROUGH PLAY ” and “LEARNING BY DOING” curricula to help your child develop literacy and numeracy skills and cultivate their understanding of science and the environment.

Our wonderful staff will assist your child in early reading, writing, math activities, and more. We also offer learning opportunities to the outside world with outside playtime, both in the morning and afternoon when the weather permits.

Our kindergarten program aims:

  • To enable children to meet important developmental milestones, such as making friends and expressing feelings
  • To foster age-appropriate learning and growth through reading books, learning to write, creating art, and playing pretend
  • To challenge and stimulate
  • To promote cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development, building brain power and strong bodies

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