Encouraging Children to Lessen Their Screen Time


It is a sad fact that children today spend too much time staring at screens, compared to children before. This can be a hindrance to their proper growth and development growing up. Too much screen time can result in bad eyesight, poor attention spans, and other negative things.

At Ellwood Daycare and Out of School Care, we have in and out of school care programs catered to allowing children to appreciate and experience the real world instead of virtual reality. They need to appreciate the benefits of both.

For example, our daycare in Canada organizes activities based on various creative hobbies such as music and arts and crafts. We also organize physical activities related to sports that have children spending time outdoors.

Our quality and affordable daycare programs cater to both introverted and extroverted children. We have plenty of solo and group activities for them to enjoy on their own and with other children.

As part of our child care and education services, we constantly teach the children under our care about the benefits of spending less time playing and watching things on their gadgets, and more time experiencing the real world and interacting with other people. This will help prepare them for formal schooling and work, later on in life.

Are you looking for the right child development center in Edmonton, Canada that you can trust with the safety and development of your child? Call us today at 780-721-9988 to learn more about our childcare services.

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