How Can Music Help in Dealing with Children’s Tantrums?

How Can Music Help in Dealing with Children’s Tantrums?

You need not worry about temper tantrums when you’ve got your child in daycare in Edmonton, Canada. While episodes can become very challenging, staff at day care centers are trained to deal with such situations effectively and with compassion.

It might be a different story at home, however. Imagine this – you’re a busy parent trying to juggle tasks each day, and, all of a sudden, your child starts to throw a temper tantrum. You try to calm them down, but you don’t know what triggered the tantrum and you even make it worse! What can you do?

When it comes to dealing with temper tantrums, Bruce Lee’s advice is appropriate. “Be like water, my friend,” Lee said. What this means is that you don’t match your child’s aggressive behavior with your own. To calm them down, you must take control of the situation and steer it in another direction.

For this, you can use music.

It’s common for child care and education services in Canada to employ music to calm children down, especially when it’s nap time. When the right song is played, music can lower energies and make children more attentive to instructions. It has the same effect when a child is having temper tantrums; slow and calm music distracts them from their behavior, calming them down enough for a conversation.

When that happens, take your cue and talk to them. Find out what’s bothering them, but don’t get too pushy or it will make the tantrums come back. Offer a listening ear, and let them talk it out. It’s therapeutic and strengthens parent-children relationships in a small way.

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