Emotional Wellness: Kids Attending Funerals

Emotional Wellness: Kids Attending Funerals

Our daycare in Edmonton, Canada, values children’s emotional development and wellness. We believe that good emotional and mental health allows them to think clearly, develop socially, and learn new skills. Emotional wellness also develops confidence, high self-esteem, and a healthy emotional outlook in life.

Funerals or memorial services are usually associated with sorrow, pain, and tears. This is why parents usually wonder if it’s appropriate to allow their children to attend such events. Most experts agree that children should be allowed to attend funerals or memorial services if they want to. Participating in these ceremonies will give your child a chance to process what happened, grieve, and say goodbye.

However, parents must also be responsible if they decide to take their kids to funerals. They must explain what happens at funerals and give them a heads up that people may be crying. If you explain these well, your child will have the chance to decide properly whether or not he or she wants to go. If the child is scared, never force him to go. Instead, encourage the child to honor the deceased person in another way that is meaningful to him.

Many parents and children need help starting a conversation about loss, death, and other emotionally challenging situations. Remember that children are most likely to talk to caring adults who listen with respect and curiosity. Part of our out of school care services is having proper conversations with children that can let them express their feelings. Thus, as a parent, let your kids know that loss will always be a part of life, and bouncing back from it can always be done.

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