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How to Encourage Good Behavior from a Young Age

How to Encourage Good Behavior from a Young Age

Children’s first few years are pivotal in teaching them all about good behavior. Their educators and parents play an important role in guiding them to become supportive, independent, and caring individuals. As a trusted daycare in Edmonton, Canada, we share effective tips to encourage good behavior in kids from a young age:

  • Model good behavior
    Children are more susceptible to the way others behave around them. They quickly pick up on habits and social cues from adults like their parents, teachers, and caregivers. Modeling good behavior such as saying “please” and “thank you” will encourage this behavior from a young age.
  • Give specific praises
    When done right, giving praise for specific behaviors can be highly beneficial. Instead of saying generic phrases like “job well done!” try being more specific instead. Praising an activity or good behavior adds a personal touch and reinforces the benefits and positive feelings associated with it.
  • Correct misbehavior
    In addition to becoming aware of mistakes, it is just as important for kids to learn how to correct misbehavior. If your child spills their drink at their out of school care program or at home, teach him or her how to clean it up. This promotes self-control and allows kids to learn the consequences of their actions.

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