Play’s Impact on Children’s Moral & Social Development


Research on the subject shows that well-organized play significantly impacts moral and social growth in children. For instance, a child development center in Edmonton, Canada, utilizes a play-based model that targets promoting these aspects.

Through this joyful learning environment, children are provided numerous opportunities to interact with peers, resolve conflicts, and learn about different cultures and norms, thus enhancing their moral and social progress. It’s not only in specific centers where this balance of play and learning is achievable; any daycare in Canada leverages the same approach.

These daycares know the importance of play in early childhood education; they introduce games and play activities designed to give children a stimulating and nurturing space to grow.

With carefully designed programs by early childhood education professionals, these playful environments stimulate the development of empathy, cooperation, and sharing, which are crucial moral and social values for any young child.

However, it’s not just about the location but also about the services provided. Providers of child care and education services understand the importance of play for a child’s moral and social development.

These experts intentionally plan to play episodes that allow children to interact, negotiate with others, understand the concept of fairness, and importantly, learn to identify and regulate emotions.

Preschool also plays a pivotal role in molding a child’s moral and social fabric.

Through interactive play and curriculum, preschool students learn how to respect others and understand the normative rules of the society in which they live. The magic of this method is that while children think they are simply playing, they’re building key social and moral attributes.

We at Ellwood Daycare and Out of School Care incorporate play into our curriculum, so enroll your child now!

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