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Understanding and Dealing with Temper Tantrums

Understanding and Dealing with Temper Tantrums

Parents, especially first-time parents, have trouble understanding and handling the energy and mindset of toddlers, more so their tantrums. Temper tantrums come as naturally in children as they have yet to discover their ability to understand and control their emotions. You may take a walk with them at the park or go grocery shopping with them when they suddenly throw a fit over a treat they want you to purchase.

If you think they’re doing so on purpose, so you would succumb to their requests, then you’re most definitely wrong. Infants and toddlers neither plan such frustrations nor can they control their behavior when a tantrum occurs.

As a daycare in Edmonton, Canada, we at Ellwood Daycare and Out of School Care have listed down the most constructive way to prevent and respond to your child’s temper tantrums depending on the situation:

  • A child is refused something.
    When your child starts to get frustrated over being denied of something he/she wants, stay calm and give your child a brief explanation of why he/she can’t have it and move on to another task.
  • A child is asked to do something he/she doesn’t want to do.
    Remember to always stay calm when dealing with your child’s tantrums. Don’t leave them alone as they may resort to hurting themselves. Don’t forget to follow through with the activity after they have calmed down.

Our child care and education services in Canada are designed to help children develop their socio-emotional skills, among others. Our educators and staff strive to provide a conducive environment for your child’s learning and holistic growth.

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